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2 March, 2018
Naturality Mattress
3 April, 2018

Dolce Vita 9″

Features mattress

1. 0.5-inch Cover in natural Viscose & Outlast
2. 1.0-inch Memoform (memory foam)
3. 0.5-inch Super Soft Fiber
4. 1.0-inch Memoform (memory foam)
5. 6.5-inches Elioform (firm support firm)

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The Dolce Vita Collection was designed with an elegant, contemporary look and focuses on temperature regulation to offer a perfect sleep environment all year round. The removable mattress cover is made of breathable natural Viscose and temperature-regulating Outlast. Memoform is designed react to the weight of the body so that it adapts perfectly to each contour of the human figure in order to ensure a constant level of support over time. Elioform is a high density microcellular structure foam that combines elasticity and breathability to provide uncompromising support. This mattress also features Dual-Core technology which allows for the customization of the mattress firmness via the easy adjustment of the core. The Dolce Vita 9” offers strong support with Extra Firm or Firm configurations.

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Cal. King, Full, King, Queen, Twin, Twin XL

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