GiNO is the latest entry in the Magniflex family, a completely new brand designed to target younger consumers who want a certain style and cachet at a more accessible price point.

Why GiNO?

  • No “HOT” Sleep – Our foam is open cell which allows air flow through.
  • No “off-gassing – Our beds do not smell like toxins or petroleum when they are opened up.
  • No “cocoon effect” – Our beds do not “trap” you in the foam; our quicker response memory foam allows you to roll over easily without a struggle while providing that great support.
  • GiNO is part of the Magniflex family, in business since 1962. Most of the “bed-in-a-box” companies out there have only been around for 5-6 years.
  • Magniflex is a fully integrated mattress manufacturer producing its own foams. Most companies in the marketplace are simply marketing companies getting mattresses produced by multiple 3rd party factories in licensing.
  • Magniflex is the inventor of the “mattress in a box”, first patenting the technology back in 1986

Magniflex Memoform performance foam

  • Open cell foam – water & vegetable oil based (infused with water / not poured & cooked)
  • Cured for 10 days before cut and used in production
  • Responds to weight rather than warmth – moulds & recovers in seconds / not minutes



Full, King, Queen, Twin, Twin XL


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